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Or are they just coins you can't redeem anywhere?

Contact us with confidence! Nearly 25 years at your service. We work at a significantly better exchange rate than the banks and do not charge a handling fee. We are the only one in Hungary to exchange the currencies of most countries.

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Az árfolyamok 2023.09.29. napján az adott valuta 1 egységére (és nem a váltópénz 1 egységére, tehát 1 dollárra és nem 1 centre) magyar forintban a következő közlésig érvényesek. (Ez azt jelenti hogy egy napon belül többször is megváltoztathatjuk az árfolyamokat így amit mondjuk délelőtt látott ahelyett délután már egy másik árfolyam van feltöltve. Viszont ha nem az adott napon látja, vagyis például egy 10-eit 11-én az már nem érvényes Ilyenkor frissítse a böngészőt.) Szinte minden valutánál vannak olyan címletek amelyek végleg értéküket vesztették ezekre természetesen nem vonatkozik a közölt árfolyam ( például a belga frank 100-ast megvesszük a 20-as és a fémpénz már értéktelen ) are valid for 1 unit of the given currency (and not for 1 unit of the secondary coins, ie for 1 dollar and not for 1 cent), in Hungarian forints until the next announcement. (This means that you can change exchange rates more than once a day. For example, instead of the exchange rate you saw in the morning, another exchange rate is already loaded in the afternoon. i, then the exchange rate is no longer valid. In this case, refresh your browser.) Almost all currencies have denominations that have lost their value permanently. These are, of course, not covered by the exchange rate quoted (for example, we buy the Belgian 100 franc, the 20 franc note and the coins are no longer worth money) For severely damaged money (these are: burnt, acid-eaten, moldy, crumbly, painted, torn to pieces, significantly incomplete, chewed by a child-dog-mouse), we will occasionally give you a quote, which is valid only occasionally. If you do not accept, it will expire.We do not guarantee that we will want to buy your currency for any amount of time next time! Such money must actually be seen, so we cannot give accurate information over the phone. You can only buy as much of each currency as you currently have in stock. You cannot pre-order. The quoted sales price does not guarantee that there is stock of it, please inquire by phone. We do not procure currency from abroad because it would cost you more than it would cost for an euro or dollar at an average exchange office in your destination country. Of course not at airports or train stations where they exchange at extremely bad rates.Therefore, before you buy anything poisonously anywhere, it's worth looking at the exchange rate of a truly functioning foreign bank or currency exchange on the Internet and not browsing through all sorts of silly conversion programs. Just as no one buys euros 15-20% above the average price, it is not a wise thing to do so in other currencies. For the time being, we will take over the transaction tax, which is 3 per thousand, from you and we will pay it. If you're inquiring over the phone, we won't be offended if you ignore the courtesy formulas and ask only the essentials. That way, it doesn't keep those who might queue here. Thank You!